RainHandler / Gutter Alternatives


No matter how much we love gutters here at researchgutters.com some people just don’t see it the same way!  Some construction methods allows buildings to be designed without gutter entirely. Also, alternative products have come on the market claiming to replace gutters altogether

RainHandler System


The Rainhandler system is perhaps to most popular gutter alternative on the market today.  Essentially, the product is suppose to take the water coming off of your roof and “dis purse” it so the water is not dumped all in one place. The idea is to change the stream of water back into a raindrop like form and spreading it out into larger area.


The product is made out of aluminum slats and simply installs by screwing into the fascia of home.


We have some concerns with the system.  If there is little or no overhang on the home the water still falls very close to the foundation of the building and without excellent slope and drainage away from the building there could still be water damage.  During very fast or windy rains the water coming off the roof may “miss” the system all together.


The cost of Rainhandler is between $4-$6 a linear foot and is typically sold in 5 ft. sections


Gutter Free Construction Design


Many homes have been designed to eliminate the need for installing eavestroughing completely. One way to lessen or eliminate the needs for gutters is to have very large overhangs or soffits areas on the home.

With a large overhang the water can safely clear the foundation of the home.  You may still have problems with pitting or a trench line on any landscaping or concrete below.


Another way is in ground drainage or an excellent designed slope/drainage system around the exterior of the home.


When sloping for drainage without eavestroughing a good rule of thumb is to slope the ground at least 2″ per ft. for at least 6ft around the perimeter.  A good mixture of gravel and rock will help maintain the landscaping against erosion.