Rainchains for Gutter Systems


Looking for a little decoration for your gutter system? One stunning way to add some decoration is with the addition of rainchains. Simply put rainchains take the place of your downspouts.


Decorative Rainchains

Homeowners looking to add some curb appeal to their home can look into decorative rainchains to take the place of their gutters. Many people choose to use rainchains simply in the front of their homes to save on cost. A wide variety of style are available soem featured on the page.  From a simple link design to intricate buckets and flowers a style is available for basically everyones taste.





Cost of rainchains, brass aluminum and copper


Rainchains can be found on the internet for a wide variety of prices.  Also, if you look hard enough you can find speciality gutter contractors offering rainchains in most major metropollitan areas.


Aluminum Rainchains Count on $1-$5 a linear foot


Brass Rainchains can range for $3.5-$5 ft for simple links up to $30/ft for intricate designs


Copper Rainchains like all copper gutter accesories are the most expensive ranging from $25-$60 a foot or more for very interesting designs


Concerns when using rainchains

Our primary concerns with the use of rainchains has to do with drainage.  Once a rainchain terminates into the ground the water splashes aimlessly in all directions.  This is a concern if the overhang on the house does not creat sufficient distance away from the foundation of the home.


Many people trying to conserve their rainwater will use rainchains in conjunction with rain barrels to direct the water into storage.  This is a very efficient and user friendly way of controlling your water.  Just don’t let it get too full and overflow!