Copper Gutters


Ahh copper gutters, by all accounts the king of the gutter world.  Perhaps no gutter is looked upon with more revere or fondness than of made of the metal copper.  Used for centuries to successfully adorn the homes of the wealthy and divert water as all gutters do.  We also see some of the best representations of Copper Gutters on older cathedrals and castles.  Available in the classic Half Round Style(as pictured above), Box gutters, or K Style.


Price of Copper Gutter / Installed Cost


Unfortunately, yes it is true copper gutter is probably the priciest variety of gutter on the market today.  However please know that copper gutters ascend beyond the utilitarian aluminum put on most homes today and can certainly be used to accent your home.  Also, the longevity of copper gutters is a strong point to consider when deciding whether to pay a premium.


Material Only Cost: Copper gutter material cost vary widely due to the vast array of sizes, thickness and style available but make no doubt even the least expensive will set you back. Count on $8-$18/ linear foot plus the cost of pricey accessories such as hanging brackets, end caps, downspout etc which could double the cost of the job, in fact some decorative exterior brackets can cost more than the gutters themselves.


Installed Copper Gutters: Make sure your gutter contractor has worked with copper eavestroughing more, the more experience the better.  Remember copper is a malleable metal and joining the common sectioned copper gutter requires some skill, and in fact often welding.  Most reputable professional installers will be in the $25-$40 a linear foot range depending on the style of copper you choose to install.


Copper Gutter Installation techniques.


Box Copper GutterAs with all gutter systems the way in which you “hang” copper gutter on a building will be determined by the structure. Most commonly you will use brackets meant to screw into a mounted fascia board.  Another very common way of installing copper eavestroughing is with roof hangers.  Either the strap type variety which will wrap around and set in front lip or rod and nut system.  Either way you’re going to want to look for either copper, bronze, or stainless steel accessories.  Aluminum oxidizes when in contact with copper and they will corrode each other.




Examples of hanging systems


K Style Copper

Welding: Probably the most secure and professional installation will involve the welding of all joints to create a continuous metal structure without the need for caulking or gutter sealant.  It is possible to create a well installed system without welding but the true pro’s will weld.

Patina on Copper Gutters


Well, that’s the fancy name for the oxidation caused by our atmosphere on copper exposed to the elements.  Copper slowly turns a greenish color.  For many this adds to the appeal and “old world” style of the metal.  For a strong example we need look no further than the Statue of Liberty.