Rain Barrels Information, Uses, Prices


Are you looking to go green?  One easy way to start is by recapturing the water that falls on your roof to use. The most common reason for using rain barrels is for watering gardens, flowers or other landscaping.  Some people in arid climates will even use it to help irrigate their lawns.


RainBarrel Pricing

Well, rainbarrel pricing is all over the place. If your truly trying to save the world one great idea is re purposing. Essentially any large container can be used as a rainbarrel and converted for storing and dispensing water.


Old alcohol barrels can make a great choice for rainbarrels.  Simply cut a hole the size of your downspout in the top and put a spigot in the bottom and you’ve got a rainbarrel. Cost: $50 or less



Commercially available PVC rainbarrels can be a great solution for a nice looking consumer friendly product.  They are getting more popular and widely available online and most major hardware stores will have something available. Cost $100-$200




Clay Terra Cotta Rainbarrels: A very interesting and designer choice.  Many people will use plant to add additional decoration to these types of barrels that survive in water. Cost $150-$400




Rain Tanks or collection systems:  Ready to store every bit of water you may need a large above ground tank.  Not really barely but serving the same purpose for serious rain collectors. Either made of thick plastic or aluminum.  Cost $400-$2000