6″ K Style Gutters

K Style Gutters are the most commonly sold gutters on the market, but if you’re looking at 6″ eavestrough’s you probably have discovered you need a little more than your standard gutter for your home or business.  When a 5″ gutter simply cannot handle enough of the water coming off your roof you need to consider a 6″ gutter.  Widely used in commercial application these are becoming more popular in residential installs to handle larger roof designs and a greater volume of water.


The cost of 6″ gutters


Yes, 6″ gutter are significantly more than 5″ gutters, however most homeowners won’t have to have their entire house outfitted with a commercial style gutter system such as this.  In general these gutters are MUCH HARDER to source on your own and few suppliers will sell a 6″ gutter to homeowners directly making this style of gutter a mainly professional contractor install product only, which can be a good thing considering you’re likely to get a high quality install with good product.  You’ll know that your contractor has invested a serious amount of money into a 6″ K Style gutter machine.


6″ K Style Installed Cost Ranging from: $4.50 a linear foot to around $10.00+ this category is dominated by one metal, aluminum, although we have seen speciality suppliers in steel and copper.


For a Cost Comparison of different types of gutters go to the Gutter Cost Comparison Chart.


Installing 6″ Gutters


Can I Self install 6″gutters?:  The easy answer is yes, you can install your own 6″ gutters but there are a variety of obstacles that will stand in your way if looking to take this task on yourself.   One,  sourcing the material- in general the only way to get these is from someone with a machine to make them as they are not commonly sold in sections. Keep in mind the contractors who have purchased a machine have generally done so to be in the business of installing the gutters. Two, let’s say you find a way to get them you still need all the accessories including end caps, downpouts, miter’s etc.  Three,  you’re ready just get the appropriate hangers and go at it, these install the same as 5″ gutter just with larger hardware.  See install page for details.


Professional Gutter Install: 6″ professionally gutter installers aren’t as common as 5″ installers but they still shouldn’t be too hard to find in most locations. Look for a commercial gutter installer as they will have experience designing systems with the concept of handling larger than standard amounts of water.  This often includes the use of larger downspouts.


How to determine when a 6″ gutter is appropriate for your building?


Taking a quick look at our water handling capacity chart may give you the insight you need when trying to determine the proper size gutter.


The key here is to make sure that you’re not going with a 6″ gutter simply because you “think” you need a bigger gutter.  Often the issue or problem with the gutters can relate to improper slope, clogged gutters, or downspout inadequacies.


Another factor when considering 6″ K style gutters is cost and to determine if it is possible to design a system using 5″ gutters with larger downspouts or a great amount of them.