7″ K Style Gutters


When you need a VERY large commercial gutter system and you are looking for something available in seamless eavestroughing you should look into 7″ gutters.  There is a very limited number of contractors that have 7″ K style machines but if you can find ones and your building has large amounts of water they are the way to go.


Pricing/Cost of Installation 7″ Commercial Gutter


Material Only Cost:  In fact many 7″ K Style gutters you see today is in sections and seamed together on site, generally available in .032 and .040 thickness and made out of aluminum.  You’re looking at a purchased material cost of $8-$12 a foot, for gutter material alone with accessories hardware brackets all additional.


Professional Installation Cost: The vast majority of 7″ eavestroughing being installed on commercial buildings today is installed by specialized professional contractors.  With the specialty accessories meant to accompany this rugged, heavier material it’s a good idea to make sure they have experience doing this sort of work.  Common installed pricing starts at around $20/ft. before the cost of accessories such as downspouts, miters, screens or such.


With 7″ Commercial Seamless Gutter machine set-ups running in excess of $40,000 the contractors that have them are a specialty business with the expertise to warrant such a large expense.


Please note researchgutters.com recommends .040 coil stock when choosing aluminum 7″ gutter, however for locations with no debris and very limited snow fall .032 may be sufficient.


Special Installation Concerns with 7″ Gutters


7″ K Style gutter installation is a specialty field best left to professionals.  Since these gutters are heavier and larger that your standard gutter they require beefed up hidden hangers or a commercial grade rod and nut hanging system.


Often 7″ gutters are installed on steel building with large roof panels that create a very fast flow of water.  Sometimes the only way to fasten the gutters in through the roofing panels is by using speciality brackets that attach to the rib of the panels.


Do you really need a 7″ gutter?


While a 7″ gutter may seam massive they are often called for on large commercial structures that generate large amounts of water fall off the roof.


Check out our Water Handling Chart to see if your building could benefit from using 7″ gutters to handle your water diversion needs.


The other common use for 7″ gutters are areas where two roofs join to one or a valley drains onto a sub roof below creating a large volume of water in a concentrated area.  These are ideal locations for 7″ gutters.