Gutter Cleaning Products

So you’ve given up on gutter protection completely and are ready to tackle that wonderful task of keeping your gutters clean?  There are lots of methods to accomplish this goal and we’ll review them below.

Gutter Cleaning Methods

Your Hands Ready to get dirty?  This is the most rustic simple and hard way to clean out your gutters but millions probably do it this way every year.  At the very least we suggest using some GLOVES.
Scoop and Bucket An old standby take an old garden spade, ice scoop, small shovel anything atop a ladder or your roof and scoop the debris into a bucket for easy disposal.  Or throw it over and clean up later.
Leaf Blower If the debris stuck in your gutter isn’t too wet of heavy and you can safely walk on your roof many find the leaf blower an ideal solution. Although there is no telling where the debris is going to end up this can be a very FAST method of cleaning your gutters.
Garden Hose With a nozzle and some water pressure many a homeowner has used there garden hose to flush out that debris.  If its just stuck but small enough to make it into the downspout your can flush it down and out.  May we suggest a basket or bucket with holes in it at the downspout.
Hose Attachment(s) If you don’t want to get on your roof or ladder you may be able to use one of these hose type attachments.  You stay on the ground an insert the pressurized nozzle into the gutter to blast the debris out.
iRobot Looj Cleaning Machine If you love gadgets you’ll love this.  A ROBOT to clean out your gutters from the popular robotic vacuum cleaner make iRobot. This machine is a battery operated cleaner you set in the eavestrough and use a remote control to propel down the gutter.  It uses a rotating auger to clear the debris.  Some have reported problems with wet or very dense leaves etc…
Hire a Pro This is by far the SAFEEST and easiest solution available.  Depending on how often you need your gutters cleaned this is the way to go.  Make sure anyone you hire to be on your roof is licensed and insured sure you’ll pay a little more but you won’t have to worry about going Bankrupt if someone gets hurt on your property.