Half-Round Gutter Information

Some of the most beautiful gutters in the world come in the realm of the half round gutter. Originally made out of copper and steel you can now find Half Round gutters in aluminum and galvalume as well. In recent years many companies half begun offering seamless half round gutters.


Traditionally all half round gutters came in sections and they are still commonly sold in 10-20ft. lengths today. Seamless half round gutters offer a quicker and easier install.  They are also better suited for long gutter runs and eliminate a possible leak point at the seams.


Special Installation Methods for Half Round Gutters


Your run of the mill K Style gutter installer should probably not be trusted will a half-round gutter install.  Make sure your installer is very familiar with the specialized methods that go with installing half round gutters.



Fascia Mounted Brackets


Ranging from very basic to extremely ornate Half Round Gutters mounted to flat fascia are done so with exterior brackets that wrap around the gutter. The gutter itself is mounted inside the bracket.
Roof Hanger (Rod and Nut) A hanger bracket hooks into the front and rear of the gutter.  A rod protruding from the center of the bracket is bent to the pitch of the roof and then screwed into the roof decking to support the eavestrough.
Hidden Hangers


While not as common as the above systems hidden hangers are occasionally used with half round gutters.  They allow for a more uninterrupted look of the gutter system.  However, some note the inherent lack of strength screwing through a radius gutter.  For that reason an adaptation of the design using a strap coming up from bracket that is screwed into the roof creating additional strength.