5″ K Style Gutters

Many factors influence the cost of seamless gutter installation.  First off, whether you plan to install them yourself or get a professional to do the work for you. Secondly the quality of the gutter mainly determined based upon the thickness of metal (coil stock) used.  Another factor that can influence the cost is finish or coating on the exterior metal.We highly recommend a gutter thickness of at least .032 for 5″ eavestroughing to prevent undo warping, bending and ice damage, and of course seamless is the best way to go.

Material Only Cost Ranging from: $0.49 a linear foot to $10.00+   the cheapest of which will be a thin (probably .027 to .019) while thicker aluminum and the most expensive being copper 1/2 round type gutters.

Installed Seamless Cost Ranging from: $2.50 a linear foot to $40+ again with the least expensive being thin aluminum and the most costly coming in the copper variety.

For a Cost Comparison of different types of gutters go to the Gutter Cost Comparison Chart.

Installing 5″ Gutters

Self installing gutters:  Some motivated homeowners looking to save some money may choose to install their own eavestroughing system.  The primary limitation of this method of install is the length of gutter you can get or transport to your home.  Most large homestores will sell 5″ aluminum gutters in 10ft sections to make it easy for homeowners to handle the project.  One drawback is for runs over 10ft you will have to seam the gutter sections and every seam is a point of possible leakage.

Professional Gutter Install: You shouldn’t have a hard time finding a professional company to install gutters on your home if this is the route you choose.  The pro’s advantage lies in the equipment at their disposal.  Commonly gutter contractors will have a seamless gutter machine available in order to “run out” nearly any length gutter you need right at your home.

Visit our Gutter Installation Page for step by step instructions and common install methods including spike and ferule, hidden hangers and roof hangers.

When is a 5″ gutter the right gutter to choose?

The quick answer is when a system can be designed that will efficiently handle the amount of water coming off your roof.

That means that a 5″ gutter can handle, with the proper amount of downspouts, the maximum amount of water that may come off of your roof during a heavy rain.  Primary factors involve the square footage of your roof and the length of gutter run before emptying into a downspout.

See our Water Handling Chart to help design a system appropriate for your home…