K Style Gutters

The K Style gutter is by far the most common of all gutters on the market today. In both the residentail and commercial market a seamless 5″, 6″, or 7″ eavestrough can be found on most buildings. Most commonly made of aluminum but also available in Steel, Copper and Galvalume.


5″ K Style        6″ K Style        7″ K Style





Seamless K Style Gutter


This is the standard profile for ALL K Style gutters.  Often referred to as “ogee” style gutters as well.  The name refers to the profile seen on left which some see as a K shape.  It has become the predominant style of gutter sold today and by far the most popular in seamless gutters.  Most installers of this variety or gutter have a machine that will roll this shape into flat coil stock allowing them to make nearly limitless lengths of gutter.  The primary advantage to a seamless gutter system is having the ability to make most runs of eavestrough on the job site directly instead of having to transport sections of gutters.  This method eliminates the possibility of transport damage.  The other advantage of seamless gutters is that they have NO SEAMS.  Which simply means no places where sections are riveted or seamed(welding or gutter solder)together. Every seam is a potential leak point so seamless gutters can really cut down on maintance and increase the life of your gutter system.


Installing K Style Gutters Seamless and Sectioned


Need some help installing gutters yourself and want to know if your contractor did it right?


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