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Why put gutters on your home or building?

Eavestroughing is used to direct the flow of water coming off of your roof for a variety of reasons.

The most common reason for applying gutters is the move the water away from the foundation of your home, whether it be a full basement, slab or constructed atop a crawlspace the end result is the same.  By moving the water away from the foundation you reduce or eliminate the chance or water penetrating the surface and causing problems such as moisture infiltration, damp basements, cracking due to freeze/thaw conditions, or concrete deterioration.

Other reasons to install gutters

Gutter’s can protect residents from directed rainfall off of a roof over an entryway to rpevent rain from falling on you when trying to enter a structure.  They can divert water away from landscaping in order not to damaged driveways, gardening, shrubs etc…  They can keep the flow of water away from windows.

Some people use gutter systems as a means of capturing and then storing rainfall to be used at a later date.  Often in conjunction with rain barrels.